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Peter Gabriel Joins the Fast for Life

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Peter Gabriel Joins the Fast for Life

Posted by John Norris on May 13, 2009

An amazing and eclectic group of people continue to stand up with the Darfur Fast for Life. [Learn more here]. The latest: Peter Gabriel. Not only an incredible musician and humanitarian in general, Gabriel also had some very thoughtful comments on his motivation in fasting:

The people of Darfur have suffered horribly in the last six years and despite many campaigns, protests and the judgment of the International Criminal Court, there has been insufficient international response to stop the suffering.  For that reason, I really hope that the Darfur Fast for Life campaign puts the plight of the Darfuris back on the world’s priority list. I also believe it is enormously important that there is sufficient international backing for the ICC to bring President Bashir to trial.

Lots more interesting names are joining the fast by the day in an effort that has brought together members of both parties in Congress, musicians, actors and actresses, philanthropists and other concerned citizens around the globe.