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Our Mission To The Moon

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Our Mission To The Moon

Posted by Daniel Maree on November 9, 2009

Our Mission To The Moon

Prepare to be mesmerized by Invisible Children’s new activist journal, “This is Our Mission to the Moon: The Rescue of Joseph Kony’s Child Soldiers.”

This is not your run-of-the-mill resource guide. It’s a visually stunning 120-page activist playbook that includes everything you need to mobilize your campus and community for peace in northern Uganda. Included are informative articles, awareness tools, and compelling interviews with individuals on the forefront of the effort to end Africa’s longest-running war.

The journal has a simple but thought-provoking premise: “In 1961, our mission was the moon. Today, our mission is rescuing the child soldier.” As the preface reads:

“Four decades [after the Apollo program], we find ourselves with a new dream: International Justice. While we endeavor into the darkness of the infinite universe, we turn a blind eye to the darkness of this planet: Burma, North Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda.”

The playbook provides everything from easy-to-disseminate posters and stickers to do-it-yourself merchandising and campaign ideas with step-by-step instructions. And don’t miss the insightful interview with Enough co-founder John Prendergast on page 46.

My personal favorite, however, are the stimulating quotes from notable minds like British street artist Banksy, whose last line—“What we need is a lot more streakers”—just makes you want to undress. You’ll have to pick-up your own copy to get the full quote (sorry, no spoilers).

The journal is available on IC’s website as a part of their "Rescue and Recovery Pack."

It is also free for anyone who signs up for IC’s weekly re-occurring donation campaign called TRI. Click here to learn more.