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Obama Live Online This Afternoon

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Obama Live Online This Afternoon

Posted by Laura Heaton on February 4, 2010

Obama Live Online This Afternoon

Apparently, this is the week to get your pressing question in front of President Obama. After going up in front of the Republicans, the YouTube community early this week, and the Democrats yesterday, today President Obama is going live online with Organizing for America. Tune in today at 5:45 EST to to see what he has to say.

We’ve used the chance to try to get our follow-up question from the YouTube event to the president.

In the last 48 hours since we launched our petition highlighting our follow-up question from Monday’s YouTube Q&A, over 850 people have signed on. (Please sign it if you haven’t already.) We’ve let the moderator know that in submitting our question, we represent those hundreds of voices who want to say:

“We agree with you, Mr. President, that there is an acute threat of violence during the upcoming elections and referendum period. We respectfully disagree, however, that our government has made the progress necessary to broker agreements in Sudan that will stabilize the country. We therefore urge you, Mr. President, to lead other counties willing to escalate pressures on the parties in support of peace. Only with increased pressures and a full-time field-based diplomatic presence in Sudan, working on both Darfur and the North-South issues, will peace efforts have a chance of success."

RSVP to the “Conversation with the President” here, and tune in later this afternoon.


Photo: AP/Gerald Herbert