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Nuba Reports Launches New Film, “The Bombing Campaign”

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Nuba Reports Launches New Film, “The Bombing Campaign”

Posted by Enough Team on October 28, 2013

Nuba Reports Launches New Film,

This post was written by guest blogger, Hannah Weitzman. 

Today, Nuba Reports launched a new film, The Bombing Campaign, as part its ongoing movement to bring the relentless bombings in the Nuba Mountains to the attention of the global community. The film, The Bombing Campaign, offers a compelling visual of the extent to which lives are at stake due to the reckless bombings in the region.

Nuba Reports, is a network of citizen journalists from the Nuba Mountains region who returned to their homeland in 2011 after fighting broke out. The work is groundbreaking, dangerous, and accurate. By providing “credible and compelling” news, their films and reports deliver raw storytelling and on-the-ground analysis of the situation in the region. Nuba Reports has also supported the work of the Enough Project’s Satellite Sentinel Project, which uses imagery and analysis to report and signal possible threats to human security in the Sudans.

The Bombing Campaign features stories of civilians affected by aerial bombardment as they try to maintain livelihoods in the midst of violence. In the past 18 months, Sudanese Armed Forces, or SAF, has sponsored  more than 1194 attacks that killed 52 people . This raw footage gives valuable insight directly from residents in the region. One man interviewed in the film, Mubarak, lost his wife and children to a bomb that struck their house while he was working outside. He says, “My head has become empty. It is hard to understand anything; how to continue.”

Dr. Tom Catena, a surgeon at Mother of Mercy Hospital in South Kordofan, addresses how all of the patients he sees injured by the attacks are civilians in an area where there are no soldiers to be found.

Watch the full video here: 

Help Nuba Reports spread the urgent message through social media. Explore their new website, watch and share The Bombing Campaign using the hashtags #makeitnews and #SudanBombs.

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