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Let’s Get Obama Talking About Sudan

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Let’s Get Obama Talking About Sudan

Posted by John Bagwell on January 27, 2010

UPDATE: We just submitted our question via video to CitizenTube. Click here to vote for our Sudan question! 


Last night, President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address to the nation. Now CitizenTube is taking our follow-up questions. Over the next few days, the public will vote to choose which questions the President will answer in a live YouTube event next week. 

The State of the Union, combined with this opportunity for citizen engagement with President Obama, comes at a pivotal time for Sudan. With violence on the rise in Sudan as national elections quickly approach, more than three million Darfuris still displaced from their homes, and a senior member of the Obama administration voicing concern about the influx of weapons in the very fragile South, we ask that you join us in taking advantage of this unique opportunity. We must ensure that President Obama hears the voices of activists and is challenged to do more and take the lead in bringing together an international coalition to lay the groundwork for peace in Sudan.

The attention activists generated around the meeting of the deputies committee of the National Security Council last week helped generate a buzz in Washington about this behind-the-scenes policy assessment. It’s important that we work together to keep a spotlight on Sudan at this critical moment.

Over the next few days, submit your own question about Sudan for President Obama. Tag your questions with “SudanTube” so we can all find them easily.

Next Monday, we’ll find the best questions, and ask everyone to join together in voting those to the top so that the President will respond. Be sure to send your questions to us as well.