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New Toolkit for Women Peace Makers

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New Toolkit for Women Peace Makers

Posted by Victoria Bosselman on May 26, 2009

In peace processes around the world, women are often sorely underrepresented, despite the integral roles they play in rebuilding societies after a major conflict and averting future violence. To respond to this deficiency, the Institute for Inclusive Security has worked for many years in conflict zones, from Afghanistan to Liberia to Sudan (among others), to train women to be effective peace builders through leadership, meditation, and advocacy. The Institute’s Women Waging Peace Network draws together women who have participated in these trainings and are demonstrated leaders from governments, NGOs, militaries, media, and academia.

Drawing on the success of the Institute’s previous trainings and more than a decade of research, the Institute recently released its newest toolkit aimed at promoting women peace makers and making peace processes more inclusive of women. As the Institute for Inclusive Security’s website explains, the curriculum is “designed for experienced trainers and is structured to foster strong coalitions, to enhance problem-solving abilities, to bolster confidence, and, most significantly, to result in a concrete agenda for advancing women’s participation in peace and security.”

Click here to learn more about the curriculum and explore a few of the teaching modules and best practices that the Women Waging Peace Network has gleaned from many years of promoting successful leaders.