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New Rockflower Fund Seeks to Support Women and Girls Globally

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New Rockflower Fund Seeks to Support Women and Girls Globally

Posted by Meghan Higginbotham on August 8, 2014

New Rockflower Fund Seeks to Support Women and Girls Globally

We are excited to announce a new collaboration between the Enough Project’s Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program and the Rockflower Fund.

Rockflower is a new fund which seeks to transform the lives and livelihoods of women and girls around the world by connecting large funders in developed nations with organizations investing in women and girls in underdeveloped nations. Rockflower has chosen five key areas to focus on related to women and girls: peace and security, access to water, maternal and reproductive health, education, and financial independence. The Darfur Dream Team has been chosen as one of the first five organizations to receive support representing the key component of Education. Other selected organizations include The Institute for Inclusive Security, Water for People, International Medical Corps, and Women’s World Banking.

Rockflower was founded by Christine Ward, a renowned social entrepreneur and founder of the Darfur Project, which was featured at the Clinton Global Initiative and has provided $17 million worth of medical relief in the region to date. John Prendergast, Enough Project Founding Director, is also on the Board of Advisors for Rockflower.

Rockflower was founded “… to enable previously untapped resources to flow into areas where success could be measured not just by a return on investment but by changes in livelihoods…” and “…to find a way to put the money directly into the hands of the women, to give them an opportunity to access their integrity and in doing so move millions into a new investment class, investing in themselves.” – Christine Ward, Founder & CEO

Through this partnership, Rockflower will support our Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program, which provides American students with tools and resources to learn about and take action toward ending conflict in Sudan and South Sudan. The program also supports their efforts to supplement educational opportunities for Darfuri refugee students displaced by the conflict. Funds raised through the program support a variety of education needs in the refugee camps, such as efforts to strengthen enrollment and lower retention, teacher recruitment and training, classroom construction and rehabilitation, and the provision of books and supplies. Efforts have been made in the past to combat declining attendance rates for girls in higher grade levels; these have included the provision of guardians to monitor girls' truancy cases, reporting on the reasons for dropouts, creation of clubs for girls, the building of separate latrines for boys and girls, and educating the community about the importance of female education. The program provides a platform to support Darfuri women and girls in refugee camps who have the potential to be future leaders. They can in turn, educate a wider community about the role women can play in sustainable solutions for peace in Sudan and South Sudan with the help of their ongoing connection with their American peers.

To learn more about Rockflower, please visit their newly launched website.