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New Film to Rally Support for Genocide Prevention

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New Film to Rally Support for Genocide Prevention

Posted by Enough Team on March 24, 2011

New Film to Rally Support for Genocide Prevention

We are very happy to announce to all our friends in the Enough Project community, that after close to three years of researching, filming, and editing our film, “The Last Survivor,” we are finally able to share it with you. Special thanks to Enough for inviting us to blog on their site and including our film on a post on "Human Rights Films Not to Miss."

The film, which follows the lives of survivors of four different genocides and mass atrocities – the Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, and Congo – offers a critical message of genocide prevention and tolerance that we’ve been honored to share with audiences at film festivals around the world. This April, in recognition of Genocide Prevention Month, we’re gearing up to bring the film and guest speakers on a tour around the country to use the film and its message to inspire action at the local level. And to do this, we want to work with all of you.


Our vision is simple: local organizations, universities, high schools, and faith-based institutions will host screenings to activate their community around this critical issue. After the film, audience members will get informed and get involved by engaging in a critical conversation about discrimination, hatred, and intolerance – the seeds of genocide that we see in neighborhoods all around the world, including our own – and how to fight it.  

We firmly believe in the power of local action to foster global change, so we are inviting you to join us in our campaign and bring “The Last Survivor” to your community.

We know the Enough community has been able to effectively mobilize friends and family against genocide, mass violence, and conflict minerals in the past, and we hope you will consider bringing this film to your community to continue to mobilize for your current genocide prevention actions this April. To be successful, these community screenings will rely on local hosts like you who are educated and active in these issues and ready to recruit and inspire an audience to get active with them.  

And don’t worry, we are here to help you. We’re dedicated to making your screening as successful as possible.  

Thank you so much for all your hard work. We hope you will join us in taking this film across the country and continuing to inspire filmgoers to take action against genocide. To bring “The Last Survivor” to your community, visit