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NBA Star Luol Deng Raises Awareness for Sudanese Refugees

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NBA Star Luol Deng Raises Awareness for Sudanese Refugees

Posted by Meghan Higginbotham on February 7, 2011

In a new awareness-raising video, the U.N. refugee agency, known as UNHCR, features Luol Deng, former southern Sudanese refugee and seventh-season star of the Chicago Bulls. It's an inspiring piece that follows Deng on his visit to Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and his return to southern Sudan for the first time since his family fled in 1992. The video highlights Deng's success story since leaving Sudan during the North-South civil war and the hopes of the many Sudanese refugees who UNHCR continues to support.

The piece is part of a wider effort to raise awareness of the plight of refugees and UNHCR's efforts to support their needs. UNHCR provides everything from basic needs such as food, health care, and shelter, to durable solutions such as education and resettlement for more than 36 million refugees and internally displaced people worldwide.

Luol Deng is also a co-captain of the Darfur Dream Team, which raises funds to support UNHCR's education efforts in Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad.