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Mystery Surrounds Death of Ugandan Soldiers Hunting Kony

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Mystery Surrounds Death of Ugandan Soldiers Hunting Kony

Posted by Enough Team on June 29, 2010

In a new field dispatch filed from his base in Uganda, Enough’s LRA Researcher Ledio Cakaj reports on a variety of stories circulating about the recent death of Ugandan soldiers in Central African Republic. The death toll ranges from 10 to 53, and sources give very different renditions of what happened to a squad of Ugandan troops deployed to a remote corner of CAR to hunt down the Lord’s Resistance Army.

While details about who is responsible and what exactly took place remain unclear, Cakaj points out: “[T]he incident again underscores the fact that the current efforts to apprehend the LRA leadership remain inadequate and demand strengthened international assistance and focus."

Click here to read the full dispatch.

Cakaj also recently discussed the broader challenges facing the effort to stop the LRA in the Central African Republic, having recently traveled to the region to conduct interviews. Check out his interviews on RFI and VOA.