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More Sparks of Political Violence in Zimbabwe

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More Sparks of Political Violence in Zimbabwe

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on September 14, 2009

Yet another MDC activist was brutally murdered last week, bringing the month’s number of victims killed in apparently politically motivated attacks to at least four. According to the Movement for Democratic Change, Godknows Dzoro Mtshakazi, 33, was drinking beer with some friends and playing a well-known MDC party song called “Nharembozha” (meaning “Cellphone”) when four soldiers from a nearby base began harassing them, asking them why they were playing the song. Accusing the group of spreading hatred in the neighborhood, the soldiers proceeded to accost many people in the bar.

Godknows died of his wounds, which a spokesperson for his family said included burns. Some of the other victims were so severely injured that they had to seek treatment at a nearby hospital

The other MDC activists who were recently murdered, Edwin Chingami, Joseph Munyuki, and Noel Denias, were all attacked by known ZANU-PF supporters, reminding followers of the deep, and potentially violent, political divisions that rumble just beneath the surface as Zimbabwe attempts to work towards unity.