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More on Condi’s Meet the Press interview

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More on Condi’s Meet the Press interview

Posted by Maggie Fick on December 28, 2008

As John Norris mentioned above, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice expressed her “real regrets” over the U.S. failure to end the genocide in Darfur on Meet the Press. In a November New York Times interview, she said the same thing:

One of the real regrets I’ve had is that we haven’t been able to do something about Sudan…Now, it’s true, we’ve been able to do a lot about the humanitarian situation.  We’ve even been able to support getting some peacekeepers onto the ground; and where there are peacekeepers, there’s less violence.  But we could’ve done so much more…

Condi is right about one thing: the U.S. is actually doing more than any other nation to do what Enough’s John Norris and John Prendergast have called “managing the consequences of the crisis,” rather than actually resolving the crisis by using real diplomatic muscle and leading a concerted international peace effort. It has been clear to Washington’s allies that the U.S. was willing to contain the crisis rather than end it, and they duly calibrated their own diplomacy and positions to such an approach.