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“A Month Since They Kicked Us Out of Sudan”

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“A Month Since They Kicked Us Out of Sudan”

Posted by Laura Heaton on April 6, 2009

“A Month Since They Kicked Us Out of Sudan”

Reuters AlertNet recently ran an article that provides a unique perspective on the expulsion of humanitarian aid organizations – from the viewpoint of an aid worker forced to leave.

"Almost exactly a month ago, we were expelled from Darfur. Since then we have spent most days trying to get in touch with friends and colleagues there, hoping to find out what is happening in the communities which we had to leave behind. The reports we are getting from the camps are increasingly alarming.

Over the past six years, people living in the camps have been bombed, raped, robbed and forced from their homes. They have been through suffering that I cannot even imagine, and have had to rely on aid agencies for basics like food, water and shelter. Now even that is being taken from them.

Zam Zam camp in North Darfur has virtually doubled in size in the past two months. 36,000 people have arrived there since the end of January, fleeing fighting between government and rebels."

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