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Making Our Voices Heard… While We Wait for Theirs

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Making Our Voices Heard… While We Wait for Theirs

Posted by Nick Gaw on February 27, 2009

Making Our Voices Heard… While We Wait for Theirs

We’ve now passed the 25 day mark of President Obama’s first 100 days in office, and as we’re now zeroing in on the next milestone of Day 50, Sudan policy remains under review while the White House stalls in the face of escalated violence in Darfur. During this crucial period, activists have a unique opportunity to effect real change in policy and change the course of this genocide. And activists around the country are stepping up.

Earlier this month, on President Obama’s 25th day in office, activists from all across the country flooded the State Department comment line demanding a high level Special Envoy for Sudan be appointed immediately. What was unique about this call in day was that it attempted to organize activists so that a call was made every single minute of the work day — from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Not only did we keep the phone lines ringing all day, but by the end of the weekend, more than 600 concerned citizens had placed a call to the State Department through 1-800-GENOCIDE.

But this is only the beginning. On March 10, as President Obama celebrates his 50th day in office, we will flood white house fax lines with a progress report, detailing the steps that his administration can take to implement a policy of peace for Darfur. Then we’ll follow up with additional actions on the 75th and 100th day of President Obama’s presidency. Join us and our partners at Enough and Save Darfur in this campaign, and help us maximize our impact during this critical time as we demand more significant action on Darfur.

Check out more information about the Darfur From Day One campaign here. Check back often to find urgent actions and updates.

Nick Gaw is the Student Director of STAND – the Student Division of GI-NET.