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Live from the National Day of Action for #Sudan

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Live from the National Day of Action for #Sudan

Posted by Jenn Sturm on March 16, 2012

Live from the National Day of Action for #Sudan

The rally's over, but there's still more work to be done. If you haven't already, text SUDAN to 30644 to receive our mobile action alerts, and sign our petition to ask your representatives to support legislation for Sudan.

Good morning! Lauren Clyne Medley, Enough Project's Online Engagement Manager, is live-blogging from the National Day of Action for Sudan in Washington, DC.

We're joining partners at United to End Genocide for a protest against the Sudanese government's actions. We're calling on the United States and world leaders to stop the violence and prevent hundreds of thousands of people from starving.

The protest is today from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m., at Sheridan Square, in front of the Sudanese Embassy.

You can follow this blog post for reports from the protest in Washington, DC, or follow us on twitter, @enoughproject.

Watch our video from the protest:

2:56 PM
@EnoughProject: George Clooney is free after arrest at embassy. Still waiting for John Prendergast's release.

12:42 PM
@EnoughProject: George Clooney is trending because he spoke out for today. Now it's your turn:

10:52 AM
@EnoughProject:The rally is over, but our fight for peace in #Sudan is not. Take action right now and RT:

10:50 AM
@EnoughProject: George Clooney & John Prendergast in handcuffs. Police escorting them away from the embassy. A-list civil disobedience for #Sudan!

10:44 AM
@EnoughProject: George Clooney & John Prendergast have formed a blockade in front of the embassy to symbolize #Sudan’s blockade on humanitarian access.

10:43 AM
@EnoughProject: George Clooney: "Were asking the gov of #Sudan to stop starving its own people"

Clooney speaks at the protest

10:42 AM
@EnoughProject: John Prendergast speaks out for #Sudan!


10:31 AM
@EnoughProject: "My father reminds us that 'injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'" -Martin Luther King III

Martin Luther King Jr III speaks at the protest

10:29 AM
@EnoughProject: "It's time to stop using food as a weapon in #Sudan" -@BenJealous

It's time to stop using food as a weapon in Sudan

10:25 AM
@EnoughProject: Thank you @repMcGovern for speaking out for #Sudan!

Representative McGovern speaks out for Sudan

10:13 AM
@EnoughProject: Leaders united for #Sudan: George Clooney, John Prendergast, @repMcGovern, Martin Luther King Jr III, @tomandrews & @BenJealous all here.

10:07 AM
@EnoughProject: "No justice, no peace" #Sudan

Sign saying Bashir to ICC

9:54 AM
@EnoughProject: "We are here to make sure these atrocities come to an end" #Sudan

Speaker at the Sudanese Embassy

9:49 AM
@EnoughProject: "Let's bring peace to #Sudan now!"

Speaker at Sudanese Embassy protest in Washington, DC

9:47 AM
@EnoughProject: The turn-out for the rally for #Sudan is incredible. The message is consistent: we will not let the people of Sudan die or starve.

9:30 AM
@EnoughProject: We're here to protest the Govt. of #Sudan’s blockade on humanitarian access, ongoing violence, & starvation of civilians.

9:24 AM
@EnoughProject: Speak out for #Sudan with us. Text Sudan to 30644 to get mobile action alerts to help Sudan.

Protestor at Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC


9:17 AM
@EnoughProject: Today is the National Day of Action for #Sudan. We'll be live-tweeting from the rally for ☮ at the Sudanese embassy in D.C. Stay tuned!


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