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Latest Sudan Peace Watch

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Latest Sudan Peace Watch

Posted by Enough Team on January 7, 2011

Five years after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, South Sudan’s referendum is set to begin as scheduled this Sunday. The highly-anticipated vote, which seemed at risk of being postponed even just weeks prior, will offer South Sudanese a chance to choose between secession or unity and all signs indicate that the choice will be the former. But as the vote rolls forward smoothly, many post-referendum issues remain unresolved and Darfur continues to be plagued by escalating violence and an unsuccessful peace process. 

Here are the key developments covered in this issue:

• All steady on the referendum front: Polls for the highly-anticipated independence vote open Sunday in what is largely seen as a positive and stable environment.
• Incremental progress on post-referendum issues, continued deadlock on Abyei: Parties continue to holds their cards close in negotiations on Abyei and big ticket post-referendum issues such as oil-sharing and citizenship. Party leaders promise to resolve all issues before the end of the CPA period.
• Increasing violence threatens civilians in Darfur as the Doha talks once again stall:  Clashes in North and South Darfur lead to massive displacement while the government leaves negotiations in Doha with LJM on a final peace deal and ceasefire negotiations with JEM.

Read the full Sudan Peace Watch here.
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