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LA Times: Crackdown On Conflict Minerals

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LA Times: Crackdown On Conflict Minerals

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on December 15, 2009

LA Times: Crackdown On Conflict Minerals

An LA Times editorial calls attention to the role of conflict minerals in fueling Congo’s ongoing conflict. The piece argues for U.S. action—citing, in particular, legislation that would increase transparency in the trade of minerals exported to and used by U.S. companies:

“It’s time to turn to the business that profit from Congo’s “conflict minerals” and to figure out a way—as was done with conflict diamonds—that they can certify which mines in Congo are operating legally and safely.”

Both House and Senate bills pending in Congress provide the initial boost that may lead to the industry-wide regulation that is necessary, the editorial argues. These actions would not only aid those suffering from the violence ravaging eastern Congo, but would begin to put an end to the horrendous mining conditions that local villagers and children endure.

To learn more about the conflict minerals supply chain, take a look at Enough’s paper, “From Mine to Mobile.”

Learn more about the two conflict minerals bills, pending in the House and Senate.


Photo: Congo minerals.