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Kony 2012: Ask the Enough LRA Experts

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Kony 2012: Ask the Enough LRA Experts

Posted by Tracy Fehr on March 9, 2012

On March 5, Enough Project partner organization Invisible Children launched the Kony 2012 campaign and released a 30-minute video that has received more than 50 million views on YouTube. The violent operations of the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA, in central Africa have almost overnight become the talk of the nation. To provide context for the Kony 2012 campaign, check out the following interviews this week with Enough Project’s LRA Policy Analyst Ashley Benner and Policy Consultant Sasha Lezhnev.

On March 8, Ashley Benner spoke with Al Jazeera English about the explosion of popularity around the Invisible Children video and how it has catapulted the LRA story into the international spotlight. Ashley also addresses some critiques of the film that have sparked debate over the past week.


As part of the Center for American Progress “Ask the Expert” series, Sasha Lezhnev explains who Joseph Kony is, what has been done to stop the LRA, and what still needs to be done to bring him to justice.