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Just Released: New Sudan Peace Watch

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Just Released: New Sudan Peace Watch

Posted by Enough Team on November 19, 2010

Enough's latest edition of the Sudan Peace Watch is out—offering, as usual, a round-up of the major political and security developments in Sudan from the past two weeks. Here are the highlights from this issue:

Referendum registration begins, albeit unevenly: As this critical step toward the southern referendum gets underway, registration centers are overwhelmed in some areas of South, while initial turnout is low for southerners living in North.

Presidents Bashir and Kiir set to talk on Abyei: High-level talks on Sudan in Addis Ababa were postponed, but negotiations continue in Khartoum, where Sudan’s presidency is scheduled to meet to negotiate a resolution to the Abyei issue during the week of November 22.

•Darfur fighting escalates: Rhetorical concern about Darfur from the international community has not stopped the escalation of violence in the region, including the bombing by Sudanese Armed Forces, or SAF, of reported rebel movements in a contested area near the North-South border.

We’ll release a new Sudan Peace Watch once every two weeks or so and publish them on the Sudan page of our website. We’ll also post a synopsis on Enough Said on the day a new edition comes out.

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