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It’s Coup Time

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It’s Coup Time

Posted by Maggie Fick on February 17, 2009

It's Coup Time

The writing is on the wall, the pieces are in place, and Déby’s mercenaries are landing attack helicopters in Abéché. All this can only mean one thing: rebellion season is fully underway in Chad. 

Enough Said reported recently on the developments of the Khartoum-backed Chadian rebel coup plot. Since then, it has become increasingly likely that there will be coup attempt on N’Djamena in the coming weeks. Chad expert Roland Marchal suspects that Khartoum might encourage the Chadian rebels to attack if the ICC issues an arrest warrant for President Bashir. This move may be Khartoum’s best way to counter an assault from the Darfur rebels, who may feel emboldened by the ICC’s decision.

Meanwhile, an independent United Nations expert has called on the Chadian government to bolster its protection efforts for the tens of thousands of Chadians who have been forced from their homes due to ongoing violence in the East.