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Invisible Children Launches #ZeroLRA

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Invisible Children Launches #ZeroLRA

Posted by Garrett Moore on July 25, 2013

Invisible Children Launches #ZeroLRA

Yesterday, Invisible Children, a partner organization of the Enough Project, launched its newest campaign against the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA. #ZeroLRA aims to bring an end to the rebel group that has killed approximately 100,000 people and displaced well over 400,000 since its inception in 1986.

The goal of #ZeroLRA is to remove top commanders from power, disarm LRA soldiers, and return captured women and children home. Although the International Criminal Court has indicted the top five commanders of the LRA for charges including war crimes, forced enlistment of children, and crimes against humanity, Joseph Kony and other top commanders remain. Removing the commanders from power and bringing support and justice to those affected by atrocities committed by the LRA is vital to peace and stability in the region.

Now is a pivotal moment for the future of the LRA.  As the LRA often takes advantage of lulls in international pressure to carry out some of its worst atrocities, Invisible Children is mobilizing its grassroots supporters to ensure that the U.S. and other governments continue to act. Activists within the United States can ask their Representatives to sign a letter to President Obama.  Representatives can be contacted by:

  1. Tweeting;
  2. Calling their offices;
  3. Hand delivering a letter to the district office; or
  4. Thanking the Representative once he or she has signed on to the letter to President Obama

International activists can request funding from their heads of state to support the A.U. strategy to stop the LRA.

Immediate, decisive action must be taken by the United States and others to keep the LRA from continuing to terrorize civilians and commit atrocities. 

Photo: Invisible Children