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Introducing Enough 101 – A New Blog Series

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Introducing Enough 101 – A New Blog Series

Posted by Mollie Zapata on November 7, 2011

Introducing Enough 101 – A New Blog Series

Enough 101 is a new series intended to provide a contextual background for understanding the complex issues that the Enough Project works on and that large communities of advocates care about.

Enough focuses primarily on several long-standing conflict areas in Central and East Africa: Sudan and South Sudan, eastern Congo, and areas affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Each conflict has its own history, combatants, set of acronyms, and opportunities for solutions. Enough 101 will distill that information into understandable posts for activists new to the blog, information-seekers curious about our work and conflict areas, or long-time followers who want a refresher on the issues and actors.

Every Tuesday we’ll post a new 101 blog on Enough Said, covering topics ranging from the histories of the conflicts to the legal terminology relevant to the atrocities and crimes committed. This collection of posts is an introduction—it is specifically geared towards beginners but can be helpful to even the most devoted Enough Said follower.

Check back tomorrow for the first Enough 101 post: Who Are the Lord’s Resistance Army? And then visit Enough Said each Tuesday for a new post in the series.

For more information and to see the sources used in Enough 101 posts, check out the Enough Project's Pinterest Boards.

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