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Guisma’s Darfur: 10 Years is Enough

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Guisma’s Darfur: 10 Years is Enough

Posted by Guest Contributor on March 15, 2013

Guisma's Darfur: 10 Years is Enough

Editor’s Note: The team at Stop Genocide Now wrote this guest blog post as part of the 10 days of activities for Darfur.

During the last 10 years, Guisma went from living with her brothers and parents in their village in Darfur, to seeing two older brothers killed during the brutal attack on their home, another younger brother die during the escape to Chad, and a little sister die in the refugee camp that is now Guisma's home. She became a refugee during the Bush administration and is now still a refugee, as Obama begins his second term. Both presidents promised to make Darfur a priority and find a way to help stop the violence, but Darfur continues to burn, as we commemorate its 10th anniversary. We've seen Guisma grow up over the years. She is a beautiful girl, but her eyes have seen much more than what any girl should have seen. 10 years is enough for her and Darfur.  

Watch the Darfur:10 Years is Enough video:

Guisma's full story from stopgenocidenow on Vimeo.

The conflict in Darfur began 10 years ago. To commemorate the anniversary—remember the lives lost, acknowledge the continuing struggle of the displaced, and recognize the ongoing effort to establish justice and find peace amid ongoing conflict—Enough and its partners will mark 10 days of activism. Please visit and share the special site with your friends. Read the rest of the blog posts in this 10-day series.