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Gration: Darfur on the Brink

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Gration: Darfur on the Brink

Posted by Laura Heaton on April 4, 2009

New U.S. envoy to Sudan Scott Gration visited ZamZam camp today and had this to say about the humanitarian situation in Darfur:

"I came away very concerned about what I saw and believe that we are on the brink of a deepening crisis in Darfur."

With basic supplies like water dwindling, Gration said that gaps left by the aid agencies expelled by President Bashir in March need to be filled quickly. Despite the Sudanese government’s claims to the contrary, Gration said that the aid groups still on the ground cannot fill the immense needs alone.

"We have to come up with solutions on the ground in the next few weeks… we have to increase the capacity and number of aid agencies that are able to move aid assistance from the warehouses to the distribution points and then to the hands and mouths of the people in these camps."