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FAQs About Conflict Minerals Regulations

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FAQs About Conflict Minerals Regulations

Posted by Enough Team on August 19, 2010

FAQs About Conflict Minerals Regulations

The recent passage of provisions on conflict minerals from eastern Congo in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act has brought unprecedented attention to the linkages between trade in minerals crucial to electronics and other industries and the ongoing conflict in Congo. These provisions have been welcomed by the State Department, the Congolese government, a diverse coalition of NGOs, and by leading companies.

But the passage of the legislation also raises important questions about how it will be implemented, its potential unintended consequences, its linkages with other initiatives to curb resource-fueled conflict, and how it fits with wider peace-building efforts in the Congo. Alongside these important issues, there are ripples of discontent and complaints from various industry representatives about burdensome reporting requirements, and warnings about de facto boycotts on minerals sourced in the region and massive job losses causing increased instability.

To help put these concerns in context and provide more information about Enough’s approach to conflict minerals and peace in Congo, we’ve put together a set of frequently asked questions. Take a look, and let us know if you have more questions about conflict minerals regulations.

Click here to go to the conflict minerals regulation FAQs.

Photo: Tin ore (Sasha Lezhnev/ Grassroots Reconciliation Group)