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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | November 2

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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | November 2

Posted by Enough Team on November 2, 2017

Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads is a biweekly series featuring important stories you may have missed.

  1. Ambassador Haley’s Visit to South Sudan and Congo” (Op-Ed)
    In an op-ed in Fox News, Enough Project’s Founding Director John Prendergast argues that during her trip Ambassador Haley has a two-fold opportunity to help alter the negative trajectory of peace efforts in both countries.
  2. George Clooney Donates $1 Million to Counter War Crimes and Corruption in Africa” (Press Release)
    George Clooney, through the Clooney Foundation for Justice, gave a $1 million gift to The Sentry to kick off its “Making War Criminals Pay” fundraising campaign.
  3. A Nobel Laureate, an Indicted War Criminal, and What They Have in Common” (Blog)
    In a blog, Enough Project’s Brad Brooks-Rubin talks about the lessons from the Burma Sanctions and how to build leverage on Sudan.
  4. Sudanese journalist imprisoned on publishing case” (Article)
    On Monday, October 23, a Sudanese journalist was imprisoned for publishing an op-ed that criticized members of President Bashir’s family of power misuse.
  5. Ambassador Nikki Haley: Show Kabila Regime that Financial Pressures will Escalate until a Democratic Transition Occurs” (Take Action)
    Take Action Now: US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley visited the Democratic Republic of Congo – ask her to show the Kabila regime that financial pressures will escalate until a democratic transition occurs.