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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | November 16

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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | November 16

Posted by Enough Team on November 16, 2017

Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads is a biweekly series featuring important stories you may have missed.

  1. Sudan Tribune Op-ed: The Lingering Stain of Exclusivity in South Sudan’s National Dialogue” (Op-Ed)
    In this November 4 op-ed, Enough’s Brian Adeba explains how, although potentially a noble idea, the major problem that dogged South Sudan’s National Dialogue from the onset was the government’s attempt to use it as a substitute process for a political settlement, and in this manner, eroding its legitimacy among various stakeholders.
  2. Disrupting Illicit Financial Flows in Congo” (Video)
    On October 19, Enough Project staff joined panelists at the Atlantic Council for a discussion on United States policy toward the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the occasion of the launch of the latest Sentry investigative report on how inadequate anti-money laundering compliance and sanctions enforcement standards at banks can empower a wide range of criminal groups and corrupt actors, undermining governance and contributing to instability in Congo and beyond.
  3. Ominous Threats Descending On Darfur ” (Report)
    In his newest report, Enough’s Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Suliman Baldo outlines how Darfur faces a dangerous military standoff, with a disarmament campaign by Sudan’s government increasing the risk of armed conflict and mass violence.
  4. From the Archives: 11 Letters from Congolese Civil Society Groups in Support of the U.S. Conflict Minerals Law” (Blog)
    In early 2017, in response to a possible suspension of the Conflict Minerals Rule for Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank law, over 100 Congolese civil society groups and individuals wrote in to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in support of the law.
  5. Take Action: Demand the Supply of Products Made with Conflict-Free Minerals from Congo” (Take Action)
    Enough’s #DemandtheSupply Thunderclap will launch on Black Friday, the largest consumer holiday in the U.S., to get the attention of companies in Enoughs 2017 rnakings and send them an important message: their customers want products that are manufactured with conflict-free minerals from Congo, made by companies with conflict-free supply chains.