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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | June 1

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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | June 1

Posted by Enough Team on June 1, 2017

Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads is a biweekly series featuring important stories you may have missed. 

  1. How South Sudan Is Trying to Mitigate Its Diplomatic Isolation” (Interview)
    In this May 25th interview with World Politics Review, Enough’s Associate Director of Policy Brian Adebaexplains why the U.S. is still in a position to exert pressure on South Sudan’s government.
  2. Somalia and the Limits of U.S. Bombing” (Op-Ed)
    In this May 25th New York Times op-ed, Enough’s Policy and Research Director Jon Temin explains how there is little to be gained by making intensified military engagement the dominant policy approach to Somalia.
  3. Conflict gold: New brief on solutions to the illegal trade from Congo” (Brief)
    In a new policy brief, Enough finds that major discrepancies in taxes on gold between Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda are incentivizing increased smuggling of conflict gold. Banks, diplomats, need to take further action, particularly on fiscal reform and anti-money laundering steps.
  4. Members of Congress Urge Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to Target Kleptocratic Leaders Behind War & Famine in South Sudan” (Press Release)
    On May 8th, a group of bipartisan Members of Congress sent a letter to Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin, urging him to “play a leading role in utilizing the full range of financial tools at the United States’ disposal to target the corrupt and kleptocratic networks at the core of South Sudan’s civil war.”
  5. Enough Project Comment to State Department in Support of Conflict Minerals Rule” (Statement)
    On April 28th, the Enough Project submitted a statement in response to the request from the U.S. Department of State for comments on supporting responsible minerals sourcing in the Great Lakes region of Africa.