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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | Jan. 26

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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | Jan. 26

Posted by Enough Team on January 26, 2017

Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads is a biweekly series featuring important stories you may have missed. 

  • Foreign Affairs: Don’t Let Sudan Off the Hook (Op-ed)
    In this op-ed, Enough’s Founding Director John Prendergast explains why “if the West allows Bashir’s violent kleptocracy to continue without the pressure to build a more inclusive and transparent government, U.S. and European policy objectives related to terrorism and migration will be severely undermined.”
  • Richline Statement on Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Law (Statement)
    As a leading member of the U.S. Jewelry industry, Richline Groups Inc. released a statement to express the company’s support for Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and the corresponding Securities and Exchange Commission’s Conflict Minerals Rule.
  • The Hill: Modernize, Don’t Remove, Sudan’s Sanctions (Op-ed)
    In this recent Hill op-ed, Enough’s John Prendergast and Brad Brooks-Rubin explain the need for restored and enhanced U.S. sanctions for Sudan, and note that these pressures should not be removed until real change occurs on the ground for Sudan’s long-suffering people.
  • Enough Project, Atlantic Council Host Discussion on Congo’s Democratic Transition Accord (Blog)
    On January 18, the Enough Project co-hosted an event with the Atlantic Council titled “DRC’s CENCO Agreement: A Foundation for Real Political Transition?” which discussed possibilities for what is likely to happen in the coming crucial months during which Congo’s elections deal must be implemented.
  • Watch The Good Lie This Semester (Blog)
    Hosting a film screening is something every community leader can do, and as the semester gets into full swing, one film to add to the roster is The Good Lie.