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Enough Experts Analyze the ICC’s Decision

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Enough Experts Analyze the ICC’s Decision

Posted by Maggie Fick on March 5, 2009

Here are a few selected quotes from Enough’s experts featured in today’s and yesterday’s news coverage of the ICC developments:

Enough Advisor Omer Ismail on BBC World News America, March 4:

“[President Bashir] is an international fugitive, an indicted president, his authority is diminishing every day, he’s waiting for the day to come…”

Enough Executive Director John Norris in the Los Angeles Times, March 5:

“This message should be heard loudly and clearly around the globe: If you kill, maim and rape your own citizens, there will be a cost.”

Enough co-Founder John Prendergast in the Washington Times, March 4:

“The International Criminal Court arrest warrant for President Omar al-Bashir provides an unprecedented opening, making Sudan’s prospects for peace riper than they have been in memory.”

Prendergast on ABC World News Tonight, March 4:

“The message that this indictment sends, is that you can know longer commit genocide, you can no longer commit crimes against humanity, without a consequence.”

Norris and Prendergast in Voice of America, March 4:

“I think this is a very good day for international justice. I think it’s a very good day for improved prospects for peace in Sudan.”