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Emmanuelle Chriqui, Omékongo Dibinga launch “Congo on the Come Up” on HuffPo Live

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Emmanuelle Chriqui, Omékongo Dibinga launch “Congo on the Come Up” on HuffPo Live

Posted by Annie Callaway on April 16, 2014

Emmanuelle Chriqui, Omékongo Dibinga launch “Congo on the Come Up” on HuffPo Live

Actor and activist Emmanuelle Chriqui joined hip hop artist Omékongo Dibinga and Raise Hope for Congo Campaign Manager JD Stier on a HuffPo Live segment to discuss the growing movement for peace in Congo and launch a new music video, “Congo on the Come Up.”

Watch the segment now:



During the segment, Chriqui discussed her interest in joining Raise Hope for Congo.  After watching the film The Greatest Silence and hearing the stories of women who had been deeply affected by the violence in Congo, Chriqui remembered that “it completely floored me; and I thought ‘I’m going to help your voices be heard.’”

The conflict in Congo is complex, and can be thought of as too distant for some to feel that they could have an impact. However, conflict minerals found in our everyday consumer electronics products are a direct link from the cell phones in our pockets to Congo. As consumers, we have the power and responsibility to ensure that these ties are ethical.

“Nobody should die so that we can have our cell phones,” stated Omékongo. Remarking on his role in the “multilayered” Congo peace movement and why he wanted to make a music video about it, he continued:

As a hip hop artist, I wanted to lend my voice from the artistic and musical side to really give acknowledgement and celebrate all of the great things that are taking place as it relates to activism on the Congo. We can talk so much about all of the negative things – and we have to – but we also need to celebrate all of the great people – like JD, like Aaron Rodgers, like Emmanuelle, along with the student activists across the globe, as well as all of the Congolese – who are fighting to make peace on a regular basis, and that’s the point of the video.

Watch the music video now:


The movement for conflict-free electronics and peace in Congo is growing. Students at over 150 schools around the world have taken part in the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative, and 17 schools have passed resolutions that state their preference for conflict-free electronics. In 2012, more than 100,000 activists signed a petition which resulted in the appointment of former Senator Russ Feingold as U.S. Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region and Congo – the highest ever political appointee to this region.

In the segment, Raise Hope for Congo Campaign Manager JD Stier explains how, in large part, it’s because of efforts by informed activists and students around the world that companies are investing resources in Congo and working to solve the issue of conflict minerals in their supply chains.

Learn more about how you can join the movement by visiting

Students can sign up to make their campus conflict-free by registering here.