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Emergency Call-In Day for Sudan

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Emergency Call-In Day for Sudan

Posted by Enough Team on June 22, 2011

Emergency Call-In Day for Sudan

While people around the world honored refugees on Monday for World Refugee Day, we also watched as violence in Sudan mounted, where hundreds of thousands are now displaced. As the dramatic rise in violence of recent weeks has made clear, the fight for peace in the region will not be over after South Sudan is granted independence on July 9. We must all push for peace in both Sudans now.  
There are steps we can take here in the United States to help. Please join Enough and our partners today for a national call-in to President Obama. There are just a few hours left.

The condemnation expressed by U.S. government officials over the recent violence in Sudan must translate into meaningful action toward those most culpable, to force them to rethink their calculations. Call the White House at 1-800-GENOCIDE and urge Obama to impose consequences against the government of President Bashir. Follow these easy steps:

1. Dial 1-800-GENOCIDE to connect to the White House
2. State your name and which state you are from
3. Urge President Obama to impose serious consequences on Khartoum: Expand sanctions, freeze the assets of key Sudanese leaders, investigate war crimes, and increase civilian protection

Please ask your friends and family to make this important call as well.

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