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Emergency Activism for Darfur This Week

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Emergency Activism for Darfur This Week

Posted by Emily Roberts on March 17, 2009

Emergency Activism for Darfur This Week

Here at Enough, we’ve been learning about activists who are as appalled as we are at the expulsion of humanitarian aid organizations from Darfur, Sudan and want to do something to turn their feelings into action.

In Los Angeles, join activists from organizations including Jewish World Watch, Stop Genocide Now, and HOPE as they make a permanent presence in front of the Federal Building (11000 Wilshire Blvd.) to demand immediate and decisive action by the United States, United Nations, and European Union concerning the immediate risk Darfuri lives are in as a result of the Sudanese government’s actions on March 4. This presence will culminate in a large demonstration on Tuesday from 4-7pm. Go here for more details.

In Boston, the Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur and Boston-area STAND chapters are hosting an emergency rally in the City Hall Plaza at Government Center on Wednesday from 4-6pm to draw attention to the urgent situation and need for immediate protection for the one million Darfuris who will be left without food, water, and medical treatment as a result of the humanitarian aid organizations leaving the region.

If you aren’t in LA or Boston but want to take more action in addition to calling 1-800-GENOCIDE to speak to the policymakers, we encourage you to organize a similar event to increase the sense of urgency surrounding these recent developments. Especially given the recent remarks from Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir citing the need to “Sudanise” all voluntary work in Sudan, this action is crucial for life-saving aid to continue to reach millions of people on the ground in Darfur.

Also, be sure to check out the most recent report from Enough called “Why Activism (Still) Matters… and What You Can Do.”