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Darfuri Activist, Survivor Speak Out

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Darfuri Activist, Survivor Speak Out

Posted by Arielle Schneck on February 17, 2011

Darfuri Activist, Survivor Speak Out

Over the next couple of months, Darfur genocide survivor and activist El-Fadel Arbab will be telling his inspiring story on a national speaking tour with The Fur Cultural Revival. Arbab’s first events took place this week, and his program includes engagements in Maine, Colorado, Connecticut, and Indiana between now and May.

Arbab was 12 years old when a Janjaweed militia attacked his village in Darfur and burned his home to the ground. Arbab became separated from his family and was left to survive in the western Sudanese region where over 400 villages were completely destroyed at the height of the violence. It wasn’t until years later that he was able to reunite with his family and find a community where he felt safe. When Arbab arrived in the United States in 2004, he was able to reunite with more members of his family and became deeply involved with The Fur Cultural Revival in Portland, Maine.

This speaking tour comes at a pivotal time in Sudan’s history as the country prepares to split in two. While remaining focused on unresolved North-South issues is critical, the activist community and the Obama administration must also increase their engagement on Darfur, where a revived peace process is urgently needed. El-Fadel Arbab’s speaking tour shows the necessity of continued activism in support of peace in all of Sudan.

The Fur Cultural Revival is a non-profit organization that seeks to educate the community about Darfur, preserve the Fur culture, and serve the Sudanese community in greater Portland area of Maine. For more information about Arbab and details about his speaking tour, visit the Fur Cultural Revival website.

Photo: Darfur desert (Omer Ismail)