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Darfur: Guisma’s Story (Episode 1)

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Darfur: Guisma’s Story (Episode 1)

Posted by Sally Smith on April 21, 2011

Our partners at i-ACT frequently visit the Darfur refugee camps in neighboring Chad, where they have gotten to know many of the children and families who have seen the worst of the fighting in Sudan and been forced to flee their homes. This is the story of one of the children i-ACT met in a refugee camp: Guisma, a six-year-old girl who dreams of returning to a peaceful Sudan one day. We hope it will inspire you to stay engaged and help your friends and family join our campaign to make Guisma’s dream possible.

This is Darfur: Guisma's Story (Ep. 1) from iActivism on Vimeo.

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