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Darfur Dream Team Scores 95 New Schools

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Darfur Dream Team Scores 95 New Schools

Posted by Stella Kenyi on September 30, 2009

The recent media buzz about the Darfur Dream Team has had a considerable impact on the Team’s Sister Schools Program, with new U.S. schools signing up nearly every day to be paired with schools in Darfuri refugee camps.

Now we’re sending out welcome packages to all the schools that are already paired with a sister school in Djabal refugee camp in eastern Chad. Included in those packages is this brand new video about how the program works. Get an early peek:


A number of high-profile appearances this month have propelled the Sister Schools Program forward.

Since the release of  Darfur Dream Team Co-founder and NBA star Tracy McGrady’s film "3 Points: Peace, Protection, Punishment" on the video-sharing website Hulu on September 1, 45 new schools have signed up for the Sister Schools Program. Fifty more signed up after MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow profiled McGrady and Enough’s John Prendergast on her show last Wednesday, which Prendergast wrote about in yesterday’s Huffington Post.

Visit to find out more about the program and about how you or your school can get involved.