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Darfur Conflict Timeline

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Darfur Conflict Timeline

Posted by Meghan Higginbotham on March 5, 2013

Since gaining independence in 1956, Sudan has experienced more years of conflict than peace. These conflicts, fought between the Sudanese government and movements arising within Sudan, are commonly rooted in the exploitative leadership of the Government of Sudan, and the unequal distribution of power and wealth among the Sudanese population. Below is a year-by-year overview of conflict in Darfur. 

For a more detailed timeline, visit the Darfur Dream Team

The conflict in Darfur began 10 years ago. To commemorate the anniversary—remember the lives lost, acknowledge the continuing struggle of the displaced, and recognize the ongoing effort to establish justice and find peace amid ongoing conflict—Enough and its partners will mark 10 days of activism. Please visit and share the special site with your friends. Read the rest of the blog posts in this 10-day series.