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Darfur Activists in the News

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Darfur Activists in the News

Posted by Katherine Wycisk on May 20, 2009

Although domestic concerns have taken center stage in the news throughout recent months, the crisis in Darfur continues to inspire people to make headlines. This past Sunday, Jewish World Watch, an NGO based in southern California that focuses on drawing attention to genocide and crimes against humanity worldwide, organized its first ever rally in Orange County to raise awareness for the atrocities being committed in Darfur. Over 450 people — from dignitaries to religious leaders to synagogue members — attended the rally, and the group plans to host an even larger Walk for Darfur in June to raise more awareness about the crisis. Check out the Orange County for Darfur’s blog for updates.

Jewish World Watch members aren’t the only ones who have been making noise for Darfur recently; in Pennsylvania, five-year-old Riley Hebbard recently launched a toy drive to collect playthings for the children of Darfur.  Hebbard was inspired to start the drive, which she calls Toys for Darfur, after watching Ann Curry’s NBC report on the traumas facing Darfuri children. Hebbard decided that she wanted to do something to help give the children of Darfur a piece of their childhoods back.  The drive’s long-term goal is to provide a toy for every child in Darfur. Clearly, good things often do come in small packages.