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Daily Bread In Malakal

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Daily Bread In Malakal

Posted by Maggie Fick on December 11, 2009

This photo essay tells the story of a morning in a bakery in Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile state in southern Sudan.

In Malakal, people from all over Sudan—Darfur, the East, and the North—converge with a large population of east African immigrants. In this bakery, the melting pot of Malakal is alive and well. However, the political dynamics of Upper Nile state spell uncertainty for Malakal residents like the men working in this bakery. Upper Nile state’s border with northern Sudan is contested, and violence between local Dinka and Shilluk populations is a cause for insecurity in Malakal and in surrounding areas. As Sudan’s elections approach, the local and national dynamics shaping the insecurity in Malakal and Upper Nile state are unlikely to subside. In this climate, each morning can bring new uncertainties and challenges. But for the men working in this bakery, each morning also means hard work in order to supply their town with bread for another day.


Photo essay read by Daniela Amodei.