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Congo Video: ‘Not of My Faith… But Children of God’

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Congo Video: ‘Not of My Faith… But Children of God’

Posted by Jayme Cloninger on June 26, 2012

Congo Video: ‘Not of My Faith… But Children of God'

“Being Jewish, you know after 1945, the world said ‘never again.’ Yet, here it is. Happening again.” So said Dr. Denis Mukwege of Panzi Hospital in the eastern Congo city of Bukavu when he met with our partner organization, Jewish World Watch, about the more than 5 million deaths since 1996 and unjust treatment of women.

Faith-based organizations like Panzi Hospital, HEAL Africa, and others are the orchestrators of peace and reconciliation efforts on the ground in eastern Congo. On a recent trip to the Kivus, Jewish World Watch captured the stories of how “Congolese faith organizations are the only safety next in a failed state.” 

The short video JWW produced, “Children of God,” shows how Congolese faith organizations are working to help the population rebuild and recover from decades of war. Watch “Children of God” to see how faith motivates people of conscience to help rebuild Congo's communities.

Children of God from Jewish World Watch on Vimeo.

Share this story with members of your faith community. As Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis says, “Theses are people not of my faith, these are people not of my race. These are people not of my catechism. But these are children of God.”

Photo: Women in eastern Congo participate in community event (Enough / Sarina Virk)