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Condition: Critical Launches New Congo Video Series

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Condition: Critical Launches New Congo Video Series

Posted by Katherine Wycisk on June 2, 2009

Last fall, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), launched Condition: Critical, a campaign that highlights the stories of individuals affected by Congo’s deadly conflict. Condition: Critical features eyewitness accounts, interviews, and statements made by people living in the Congo. The website includes a collection of photos and reflections that describe daily life in Congo, strife and hardships endured through years of conflict, and the actions young Congolese are taking to raise the profile of the violence in their country.

Last week, Condition: Critical launched a new feature: a series of three videos highlighting the experience of children in the Congo. These short videos profile children and young people who have all come face to face with violence, and who have each chosen unique paths for coping with the hardships they’ve endured and the brutality they’ve witnessed.  Their stories powerfully speak for themselves.

The first video, “Survive,” is available here; “Express” can be viewed below; and “Fight” will be released next week. We’ll keep an eye out and bring you the final installment as soon as it’s available.