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Clooney, Prendergast Prompt Swell of Activism on Sudan

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Clooney, Prendergast Prompt Swell of Activism on Sudan

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on October 14, 2010

Three days after the launch of what we here at the Enough Project have fondly dubbed “Clooneypalooza,” activists around the web have already sent an astounding 23,000 letters to President Obama asking him to take robust actions to prevent conflict from returning to Sudan.

With two momentous votes approaching—one on South Sudan’s independence—the potential for conflict to erupt in the country is high. Preparations for the votes are critically behind while arrangements that will help establish peaceful relations between what could be two new states have not been made. After a week-long trip to South Sudan, actor George Clooney and Enough Co-Founder John Prendergast have been hitting American and international airwaves to generate the political will to keep the Obama administration’s eye on Sudan.

Yesterday, the two activists appeared on a long list of news outlets, including Al Jazeera’s “Riz Khan,” the BBC, and CNN International.

Here’s the full interview with Riz Khan:

Don’t forget to watch Clooney and Prendergast’s interview with Larry King tonight at 9 p.m. EST. Here’s a sneak peek.