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Celebrity with a Purpose: Actors Champion Enough’s Work

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Celebrity with a Purpose: Actors Champion Enough’s Work

Posted by Enough Team on May 14, 2015

Celebrity with a Purpose: Actors Champion Enough's Work

What do taking over Disneyland with George Clooney and joining Robin Wright for a power lunch on the set of House of Cards have in common? Some might respond that they’re both opportunities for unique and unforgettable experiences with stars we love. But it might surprise people to learn that both experiences raised money to support work to end atrocities in the Horn, eastern, and central Africa. The Enough Project and Not On Our Watch partnered with Omaze to offer the chance to win once in a lifetime experiences with stars who are using their fame to make the world a better place.

This is not to say the winners aren't ecstatic that they won their celebrity experiences. Noeleen, of Dublin, explained how excited she was to bring her 16 year old son to Los Angeles, who has spent most of his young life on stage or in acting classes. She was thrilled to be able to advance her son’s passion while supporting a good cause. As she said, “having looked up the charity I was very impressed by how [it] highlighted humanitarian issues in places that were rarely seen on TV.”

And Chris of Chatham, UK, who will be getting some face time with Robin Wright, said, “Robin was raising money for two causes—Raise Hope [for] Congo and the Foundation for Living Beauty.  Both are worthy, but I was particularly keen to support the Raise Hope [for] Congo campaign as I’ve visited Africa several times in the last few years, and coincidentally had just been reading . . . about the difficulties of protecting the Rhinoceros and other endangered species in war-torn parts of Africa, such as the Congo.” The Enough Project has been raising the alarm about the link between poaching and armed groups in the region for years, and Chris’ participation will support our efforts to end the conflicts that are fueled in part by this brutal trade.

The Enough Project is currently cooking up new “omazing” experiences, so be sure to check back regularly or, better yet, join our email list and get updated as soon as these new opportunities are announced!