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A Blueprint for Peace in Sudan

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A Blueprint for Peace in Sudan

Posted by Enough Team on April 30, 2009

Today, on President Obama’s 101st day in office, Enough, together with the Save Darfur Coalition and the Genocide Intervention Network, released an open letter to President Obama, the third installation in a series of open letters to the president spelling out a practical roadmap to end the crisis in Sudan.

The letter, “President Obama and Sudan: A Blueprint for Peace,” puts forth a blueprint for achieving President Obama’s objective of a comprehensive peace for all of Sudan. The president himself articulated this objective at a recent White House meeting with Special Envoy for Sudan, Major General Scott Gration, and leading Darfur activists, including Enough’s John Prendergast and Omer Ismail.

The good news on Sudan today is that the goal of a comprehensive peace for all of Sudan is shared widely throughout the international community. Strategic leadership from the United States is the key to achieving this goal, and the letter describes how the Obama administration can build an international coalition for peace, find the right balance of meaningful pressures and incentives vis-à-vis the Sudanese regime, and find immediate points of leverage for peace in Sudan.

Read the letter and check out the activist brief to find out how you can take action to make sure President Obama and his team hear our message: We know that the Obama administration can be successful in building a coalition for peace, but the president himself must treat the situation in Sudan as a strategic priority if these efforts are to be successful. Help us keep Sudan at the top of the president’s list.