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Are You Ready for the Congo Challenge?

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Are You Ready for the Congo Challenge?

Posted by Enough Team on March 3, 2009

This week marks the start of Enough’s RAISE Hope for Congo campaign’s three-month “Congo Challenge.” RAISE Hope is asking you to Take the Congo Challenge this spring. Once you sign up for the Congo Challenge, RAISE Hope will send you a “menu of actions” each month that you can take to make an impact and to contribute to RAISE Hope’s effort to protect and empower Congolese women and girls. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, there’s an option for you:

  • In March, RAISE Hope will ask you to help us RAISE Awareness and recruit new activists to the movement
  • In April, RAISE Hope will ask you to RAISE Your Voice, and help us hold the electronics industry and our leaders accountable.
  • In May, RAISE Hope will ask you to RAISE the Profile of the conflict in Congo by shining a light on our direct link to this ongoing crisis.

RAISE Hope would love for you to let them know what you’re doing to take action and make an impact. Share your thoughts, photos and video in the Congo Challenge Forum and inspire others to get off the sidelines and challenge themselves!

Finally, watch this “RAISE Hope for Congo Public Service Announcement” video featuring Ken Baumann, Maria Bello, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Melissa Fitzgerald, Emile Hirsch, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and Joel Madden, all of whom are celebrity activists who have decided to join RAISE Hope and take the Congo Challenge:

The above video is Produced & Directed by Danica Krislovich. Edited by David Noel. Theme song: My Favorite Highway, "What Are You Waiting For?"

We hope you will join all of us at Enough and RAISE Hope in challenging yourself to be an advocate for women and girls in Congo.