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Apply: 2014 Carl Wilkens Fellowship

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Apply: 2014 Carl Wilkens Fellowship

Posted by Enough Team on March 20, 2014

Apply: 2014 Carl Wilkens Fellowship

Guest blog post by Katie-Jay Scott Stauring, Carl Wilkens Fellowship Coordinator.

Applications are now being accepted for the Carl Wilkens Fellowship. The deadline to apply is May 21, 2014.

The Carl Wilkens Fellowship is a selective year-long, part-time program that aims to give a diverse set of individuals at every level of experience the tools and resources to build sustained political will to end genocide. We’ve designed the program to accommodate the schedules of working professionals as well as community members who have families, are active in other organizations, and have other commitments to grow their leadership skills and strengthen the movement to end mass atrocities and genocide.

The first three classes of Carl Wilkens Fellows were launched by Genocide Intervention Network (GI-Net) in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Fellows represent communities throughout the United States and come from diverse professional backgrounds, including artists, documentarians, educators, nurses, teachers, survivorsand more. The Fellowship increased the capacity of these 55 community leaders and grassroots organizers to create sustained political will for the prevention and cessation of genocide. In 2013, the Fellowship became a part of i-ACT’s efforts to change the way the world responds to genocide.

Fellows will receive leadership training, conflict and advocacy education, organizing tools and resources, and one-on-one and group advising. The year-long Fellowship program includes six main components: 2 retreats; regular training and networking calls; one-on-one, peer, and group advising; participation in national campaigns; political and social networking; skills, tools and resources to continue work in the anti-genocide movement following the inaugural fellowship year.

The Fellowship is named in honor of Carl Wilkens, a self-described “ordinary” man and the only American who chose to remain in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. He is credited with saving hundreds of lives. Mr. Wilkens is emblematic of the program’s theme: ordinary individuals can make an extraordinary difference when they choose to engage.

The online application and more information can be found at