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Al Jazeera: The LRA in Southern Sudan (VIDEO)

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Al Jazeera: The LRA in Southern Sudan (VIDEO)

Posted by Laura Heaton on January 6, 2011

A new Al Jazeera video feature on the Lord’s Resistance Army examines the prospect that the rebel group could become a particularly destabilizing force in southern Sudan during what’s likely to be a tense post-referendum period between North and South. Filmmaker Callum McRae reports from Uganda and South Sudan, asking whether the fragile situation in southern Sudan might present “the best chance for [LRA leader] Kony’s survival: a renewed role as a proxy for Khartoum, causing havoc in a post-referendum southern Sudan and chaos throughout the region.”

The 25-minute piece features many of the sources who have also informed Enough’s reporting on the LRA, including Sister Giovanna
, a missionary and aid worker who has lived in LRA-plagued areas of Uganda and Sudan since the 1970s, Richard Tambua, a community defense leader in Sudan, and members of the local defense force known as the Arrow Boys. The video is full of compelling interviews, many of which confirm the video’s hypothesis that the LRA is a strategic, deadly tool that Khartoum could again use to its advantage – if it isn’t already.

Watch the full video here: