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5 Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

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5 Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Posted by Laura Heaton on April 9, 2011

5 Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Here at Enough, we often swap emails with interesting articles and feature stories that we come across in our favorite publications and on our favorite websites. We wanted to share some of these stories with you as part of our effort to keep you up to date on what you need to know in the world of anti-genocide and crimes against humanity work.

Reporter and author Rebecca Hamilton outlines some of the challenges
that have plagued U.S. diplomats in Sudan and why the newly appointed special envoy, Ambassador Princeton Lyman, will likely have a hard time pleasing everyone.

Foreign Policy editor Elizabeth Dickinson filed this impassioned blog post about how far Cote d’Ivoire has deteriorated in the span of just a few months, now teetering on the edge of full-blown civil war. As Dickinson points out, countering some recent back-patting by the French foreign ministry:

This is not a shining example of how to negotiate a solution to conflict. It's a case in which everything went very, very wrong. And it's a visceral example of how one, very stubborn man, can ruin a nation.

A Congo expert himself, Adam Hochschild wrote a glowing review of Jason Stearn’s Dancing in the Glory of Monsters for the New York Review of Books.

Juba-based photographer Pete Muller took this stunning collection of photos in communities affected by recent militia uprisings in South Sudan’s Jonglei state.

The campus newspaper at the University of Pennsylvania spotlighted the efforts of the Penn Society for International Development and college junior Ben Brockman to encourage the university administration to make a commitment to purchase technology equipment from companies with responsible policies on conflict minerals.