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5 Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

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5 Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on December 11, 2009

5 Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Here at Enough, we often swap emails with interesting articles and feature stories that we come across in our favorite publications and on our favorite websites. We wanted to share some of these stories with you as part of our effort to keep you up to date on what you need to know in the world of anti-genocide and crimes against humanity work.

Don’t miss this New York Times slideshow, showcasing photographer Moises Saman’s work. Saman’s photos give us a look at the lives of the Congolese displaced and the work of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Congo, recently called into question for its support of Congolese military operations that committed atrocities against civilians.

To prevent genocide, one needs to speak the truth. These are Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice’s words, who spoke at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. this week. In a conversation about her experience in working on issues of genocide and mass atrocities from in and outside the UN, she said that speaking the truth as a private citizen and public servant is crucial in bringing an end to these human rights violations. Watch a video of her speech.

Bec Hamilton, as usual, offered incisive commentary on Rice’s speech, calling the U.N. Ambassador out for her vague remarks about what the administration is doing to reinstate services to victims of gender-based violence in Darfur. As she puts it, “We don’t know what is on the list of benchmarks, but we can tell what is not.”

Check out two interesting pieces on Darfur featured in Newsweek. The first, an editorial from Angelina Jolie, questioned whether the Obama administration’s policy in Sudan is really an “evolution of justice.” The second, a photo series, provides a reminder of the incredibly hard conditions of Darfuri refugees and the crossover of violence from Sudan into Chad.

Last, but not least, Jason Stearns’ piece on what may be a budding insurgency in Equateur province in Congo, is definitely worth a read. This area was recently brought into the international spotlight due to the masses of refugees, over 100,000, who have fled across the border to Congo-Brazzaville.