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Robin Wright

Actor Robin Wright (House of Cards, The Private Lives of Pippa LeeThe Princess BrideForrest Gump, The Conspirator, Moneyball) has been an active voice for Enough’s Congo advocacy. She has participated in several public events, including hosting with Prendergast a screening of the film The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo in January 2009 in Northern California, and participating in a panel discussion at Georgetown University in September of 2011 on violence against women and girls in eastern Congo. She traveled with Enough staff to the Congo in August 2011. After returning from Congo, Wright spent a week in DC meeting with policy makers on Capitol Hill, the State Department and the White House. She also joined Enough Project staff at the White House to deliver a petition initiated by Congolese activist Neema Namadamu that garnered 108,000 signatures calling for the U.S. to appoint a high level special envoy to Congo, which subsequently occurred.

Wright co-authored an article with Prendergast on conflict minerals in the San Francisco Chronicle in January 2009, as well as  op-eds for TIME and CNN, and she appeared on the Erin Burnett show on CNN in November 2011.

In March 2014, Wright joined U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, UN Ambassador Zainab Bangura, Prendergast, and Enough Policy Analyst Holly Dranginis at the United Nations for an international women’s day panel titled “Elevating the Conversation on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Wright funded the building of a latrine for the Peace Market in eastern DRC, and her pajama line, “Pour Les Femmes,” supports charitable organizations that directly help women in conflict regions around the world, including Congo.

She has supported the work of Enough Project and Enough’s campaign, Raise Hope for Congo, by participating in an Omaze fundraising contest in 2015.


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